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Can Spam Fight

  1. 4 SEO Myths & Conspiracy Theories Google's Matt Cutts Wants to Die

    If you're not aligned with those goals, if you're trying to do fly by night, churn and burn, black hat, spam, stuff that only lasts for a couple of weeks before we catch it, you're always going to be working in opposition to the algorithms, and...

  2. Google’s 13th Birthday: 12 Top Stories From the Past 12 Months

    Paid Links, Spam, Google and got a lot of attention. And just recently, spam and abuse issues in Google Places got Google moving – a little. Meanwhile, the fight over Android’s technology between Oracle and Google continues, with...

  3. DuckDuckGo Questions Quality, Accuracy Of Search Engine Traffic Numbers

    Given the interest in search trends and top referrers, this type of spam has been around for quite some time. In this era of racing for dominance, Google and Bing sweat the numbers, fight for market share and always push for search numbers.

  4. Search Week in Review for Feb. 19, 2011

    Search engine upstart, Blekko, continuing it's quest to form an alliance against spam has partnered with Stack Overflow, "a programming Q&A site built by programmers for programmers". Bing and Yahoo will allow advertisers to use trademarked terms...