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  1. Really Google? Penalizing Good Sites To Get Some Bad Ones

    So curious, Horowitz started to reach out to the numerous people at Google she had worked with -- AdSense, where their partnership with Google had made both companies a good deal of money -- their niched specific site has a great online audience...

  2. Will The Future Of Search Be Decided Tuesday? At Least It Will Give Us A 'BigThink'

    The main panel will have Matt Cutts, Google's Spam Czar, Harry Shum, not the "Glee" cast member but the head of Core Search Development of Microsoft, and replacing what once would have been a rep from Yahoo or Ask, co-founder and CEO of Blekko...

  3. SearchDay | SMB Link Building Without a Dime

    Matt Cutts: Slap the Nofollow on Those Paid Posts Posted by Mar 3, 2009 Google spam czar Matt Cutts is weighing in on "sponsored conversations" which is a fancy pants way of saying "paid posts. Today's Top Story: