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Can Car Miles Per Gallon

  1. Honda Accord Tops CarMax's Most Searched Used Vehicles in 2009

    One example is when CarMax introduced a Miles Per Gallon search feature in August 2008. CarMax averaged 5.5 million unique visitors per month in 2009, so the list is a good look at the pulse of American car buying - especially in a rocky economy.

  2. Landing Pages: Test Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

    The good news is that you can help improve your search marketing campaign's miles-per-gallon with Landing Page Testing. Google Website Optimizer's Tom Leung says, "It's like trying to get your car to go the same amount of distance on less gas.

  3. Searches for Hybrids Up 43% from March to July 2008

    Recently, CarMax released a new search feature allowing car buyers to search for vehicles by Miles Per Gallon (MPG). Now, they're releasing data shedding light on that decision. From the period beginning March 2008 and ending in July, searches for...