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  1. CarMax Sees Rise in Sports Car Searches

    CarMax, the largest retailer of used cars in the U.S.says that searches for sports cars rose 6% in September, compared to August. The top 5 sports cars search on were: Sports cars remain an American classic," said Craig Beiner...

  2. Searches for Hybrids Up 43% from March to July 2008

    Recently, CarMax released a new search feature allowing car buyers to search for vehicles by Miles Per Gallon (MPG). CarMax is also pointing out that cost alone isn't a reason to switch to hybrids. Now, they're releasing data shedding light on that...

  3. Launches Miles Per Gallon Search Feature

    After a summer of high gas prices, is helping consumers find used cars that are easier on the wallet. Since gas prices remain high, people are looking for vehicles that offer better fuel efficiency,” said Ann Yauger, director of