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Camera Lens

  1. How Did Goodzer New York Shopping Engine Fare On Holiday Sales Weekend?

    Sigma 10-22mm camera lens (worth $450+) On the other hand, the camera lens was easy to find but, oddly enough, difficult to buy. Where the camera lens was finally purchased was not at a store found via Goodzer, but in fact a shop they stumbled upon...

  2. Weapons of Mass Optimization

    For example, a digital camera reseller might use "Nikon D40 Digital Camera with G-II 18-55mm Lens. The key to running a successful large-scale Web site with a focus on organic search traffic is scale.

  3. In Praise of Fuzzy Searching

    Just as a camera lens set to a larger aperture brings a greater range of view into focus, fuzzy logic in a search engine will expand the "depth of field" of potential search results. According to the Oxford American Dictionary, "fuzzy" means...