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  1. How Google’s Mobile Best Practices Can Slow Your Site Down

    Most websites depend on a CDN because they can serve content faster by having cached copies of a website on high-performance servers across the country (or world). As it turns out, implementing the Vary User-Agent HTTP header effectively turns off...

  2. The Redeeming Qualities of Links with a Bad Reputation

    Whether it's free or paid, always check the listing pages of any directory to make sure the links are direct and the pages are recently cached. The links you get are often indirect and not cached -- or even if they are, pass so little power that...

  3. SearchDay | Breaking the Norm with Search

    Google has indexed all the pages but cached only one. Indexed But Not Cached - Help? Breaking the Norm with Search SEW EXPERTS: BIG BIZ One untapped way to capture search traffic is to combine content of related items in new ways.