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By Product Research 2005

  1. PR & SEOs Listen Up! HitTail is Back to Make You Panda Proof

    Compared to the average SEO keyword research tools, HitTail never looked like anything special - but it always punched above it's weight, winning lots of coverage in mainstream media. He then runs the new product on as much as it needs to be...

  2. Google April Fools' Day Pranks 2012: 8-Bit Maps, Chrome Multitask Mode & More!

    In a post on the YouTube Blog, Chet Flanagan, director of DVD product management, asked, “Loved a video so much that liking it, favoriting it, sharing it and even subscribing to the channel wasn’t enough?

  3. Kony 2012: Lessons for Video Marketers

    The fact that the research focused purely on user-generated content (UGC) means it excluded a number of “confounding factors” – as the report calls them – such as offline campaign expenditure, prior product usage, and video seeding.

  4. Gifting Online & Offline: Shopping and Behavioral Search

    Note: With the smaller data set inherent in a subcategory, we’re going to move away from the ASVI metric identified in earlier research (defined here). Coupons s an even more pronounced effect of what we saw above with Product Reviews.

  5. Google Circles Could Be As Fake As Crop Circles, Or Is It?

    Rumors swirled around the launching of Google's social platform at SXSW last weekend, but ultimately the product now supposedly named 'Google Circles' was a no show and the launch is now possibly slated for May, the Next Web reported.

  6. Google Guilty of Defamation; Google/Apple Extend Search Deal & Latest Search News

    Sony's Google TV product is slated for unveiling NYC. IDC research indicates that Apple will have 21 percent of the mobile advertising market by the end of the year, while Google will drop to 21 percent, Microsoft will drop to 7 percent, and...

  7. Well, raise my rent. Microsoft is the good guy!

    On the "church" side of Ziff-Davis, our 400 editors and reporters wrote comparative, lab-based, product reviews that treated Microsoft "without fear or favor," like any other vendor. He cited panels on topics such as social media, SEO, search...

  8. Google's Sergey Brin on Local Mobile Search

    Basically what it allows a user to do is take a picture of a product with a barcode and then they can research the product on their mobile browser. Jonathan Rosenberg, SVP of product management at Google, chimed in with an example of how the...

  9. SearchDay: What Can TV Learn from Search?

    Link Building via Word-of-Mouth LINK LOVE Get people talking positively about your company or product and the links will follow. Gord Hotchkiss of Enquiro shares new brand research Posted by Greg Jarboe Jul 11, 2008 One of the smartest people I...

  10. SearchDay: Link Building via Word-of-Mouth

    Link Building via Word-of-Mouth LINK LOVE Get people talking positively about your company or product and the links will follow. Finance as Top Financial News Site Posted by Greg Jarboe Jul 10, 2008 Yesterday afternoon, comScore announced the...

  11. Stop Press: Google News Edges Past Yahoo News in UK

    According to a post in the Google News Blog by Josh Cohen, business product manager, "This change will provide more room on Google News for publishers' most highly valued content: original content. Piers Stobbs, the vice president of ComScore...