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  1. Stoxx leads the way with value-focused smart-beta service

    Unlike traditional broad market-based indexes, smart beta replicates what an active stock-picker would do, but in a rules-based context," says Sippel. Index provider wins the 2014 award for index innovation in Europe

  2. CVA hedge losses prompt focus on swaptions and guarantees

    Another way banks are looking to minimise P in the context of VAR on CVA – these instruments could be of use," says a senior CVA trader at a third European bank. Regulators and accountants don't agree on CVA but banks say smart hedges exist

  3. Investec digital note offers choice of counterparty

    In the current market, this is in the higher bracket of risk values but that is in the context of the product's high potential returns. Investec is offering investors in the UK two versions of a six-year structured product linked to the Euro Stoxx...

  4. The changing face of UK retail structured products

    Others situate the disappearance of key issuers in a wider context than just regulatory overhaul. Exit of big-name issuers paves way for new entrants When asked what has driven the change of issuers in the UK structured products market, no two...

  5. Taiwan compels life insurers to offer longer-dated products

    In the context of the Taiwan insurance market, variable life insurance offers investment options from which clients can select a policy – 'variable' referring to the choice of underlyings – that will provide them with monthly payments.

  6. OCC’s Taylor: US creates ‘headroom’ for leverage rethink

    Taylor stressed the importance of viewing the leverage ratio within the broader context of the risk-based capital framework for global banks. Tougher leverage ratio in US prompts early review Regulators will monitor the impact of US and...

  7. Industry picks holes in BCR proposals

    Axa’s Clamagirand says: “As the ICS is supposed to be a standard applying to all major insurers across the world with more far-reaching consequences than the BCR and an economic risk-based approach, the various issues raised by Solvency II...

  8. 2 Mistakes That Cause Advertisers to Quit AdWords Just When They’re on the Verge of a Breakthrough

    But first, some context. When people find out I’m the author of Google AdWords for Dummies, the second most common reaction, after "What’s AdWords? is "Oh, I tried AdWords. It didn’t work for me. I’m biased, certainly, and I understand that AdWords...

  9. 6 Crucial Link Building Strategies to Drive Quality Traffic

    One technique of driving traffic to one's site, however, has remained evergreen and that is getting a high number of high quality links pointing to your site in the right context. The link that you earned should be relevant to the overall context...

  10. 14 Ultimate Link-Building Guidelines to Keep Safe in 2014

    Keep it branded where possible, and link to deep URLs where within context - as opposed to just trying to place links to top target money pages. But if you can’t link within context, don’t - you want to build up a strong reputation as a writer, don...