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  1. Will Google run a Super Bowl commercial in the third quarter?

    When asked for which activities, if any, they planned to log onto the Internet on game day, percent said they planned to log on for purposes unrelated to the Super Bowl.percent said they intended to send email and/or instant messages to friends...

  2. Implementing your Search Strategy for the Latino Market, Part 2

    In a few cases, we'll have to take some time when we see a new phrase or term show in the log files. Encourage follow-up content from others –" – in the SCN community on your own content and brand, including contributing to the buzz of...

  3. Search Engine Marketing Articles

    Most, 41 percent, say they track clickthrough or "general activity," which I presume would be log analysis of site traffic and perhaps even rank checking. Search: The Trends ClickZ, March 5, 2004