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  1. Linkable Asset Strategy: How to Pick & Prioritize Assets

    A single, relevant, traffic-driving, mid-tail term like "home security cameras" can be turned into a range of overlapping content types, including: No matter how awesome your content, it's much harder to get sites to link to something that's...

  2. 3 Ways to Use Data to Advance Your Search Performance

    But there’s a lot of value in pouring through search query reports to find long tail and negative recommendations. If it’s high, add the longer tail “extra large Acme brown widgets” to your keyword lists and the ensuing lower CPCs will bring even...

  3. Magnetic Enables Advertisers to Retarget Search Data to Target Audiences Higher Up The Purchase Funnel

    The search journey actually starts with a long tail phrase, and what we observe is a gradual movement from long-tail phrases to targeted unique phrases such as make Panasonic ---> Panasonic Viera ---> VIERA® VT25 Series Plasma Full HD

  4. The Search Engine Report - Number 118

    Mining the Tail? Search Engine Forums Spotlight - Links to the week's topics from search engine forums across the web: Yahoo Reports Slowing Ad Sales - Search Engines Can't Read 301's - Google Mobile Ads - MSN Search Vs Windows Live Search: What's...