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  1. Search Week in Review for Oct. 30, 2010

    Google escapes prosecution over Streetview data - Telegraph Google 'revealed location of centre for vulnerable women' - Telegraph Social Media Increases Small-Business Exposure - eMarketer Time-Saving Tools For Your Small Business - adCenter Blog

  2. Surprised Google & Microsoft Talked Takeover? You Shouldn't Be!

    But I knew what type of craziness would be waiting for me upon my return to work, when I read the business section of the Daily Telegraph on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I knew the only way this story managed to get that type of play in the Telegraph...

  3. The Search Engine Update, Oct 14, 2002, Number 135

    Google may charge for internet search Daily Telegraph, October 4, 2002 Inktomi tightens its belt again by laying off more workers, apparently from the enterprise search side of the business.