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Business Conference Ses London 2009

  1. Jeffrey Hayzlett To Keynote at SES London 2011 in Cowboy Boots

    will be the keynote speaker at SES London 2011, the leading search and social marketing conference in Europe. Hayzlett speaks frequently around the world on business growth, communications, and marketing, including keynotes at events such as SES...

  2. Public relations industry should go to Search Engine Strategies

    Going to SES London or SES New York for the Nth time? If you work in the public relations industry, you should beat a path to the Search Engine Strategies Conference Paul Roach, Technical Lead for SEO,; and Drew Broomhall, Search...

  3. Search for SEM conference and find SES New York 2009

    The photo on the left is Andrew signing his book at SES London 2009. Last month, I interviewed Bill Hunt, the CEO of Global Strategies Inc.and Director of Global Search Strategy at Neo@Ogilvy, about this topic at SES London 2009.