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  1. Google Catalogs Annotations: How to Enrich the Consumer Experience & Track Results

    A: Google Catalog’s answer to this question via e-mail was “We understand these are important metrics for your business, but unfortunately we don't have them readily available. Once you have their casual interest, what are you going to let them...

  2. How to Create ‘Passion Pieces’ That Inspire People to Link

    There’s passion in any business, small or large. Bob Moore built his whole grain business from small beginnings into a multimillion dollar enterprise. Not only were the awards central to their business, but the timing with Valentine’s Day was a...

  3. Online Reputation: 5 Ways You're Offending Online Customers

    If your business has a web presence, then your customers expect a certain level of online service – but are you alienating customers by failing to respond on Twitter or to blog post comments, forum posts, emails, or other online communications?

  4. 9 Reasons Why it Might Be Time For Marketers to Value Virtual Goods

    Due to the low spending ability of their audiences, gaming companies opted for business models based on micropayments. On Architecture in Second Life she discusses how the lack of gravity enabled users to design their dream homes and how she has...