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  1. SEO for Startups & New Businesses: An 11 Step Plan

    Metadata Open Graph, Twitter Card, Google-specific (Authorship, etc. You're starting a new business. With the business model and process elements covered, now is the time plan out how to succeed in search and discovery digital contexts.

  2. 4 Reasons You Should Start Obsessing About AdWords Quality Score

    You don't need to be card shark to tip the odds in your favor, but you do need to understand the rules of the game – whether you like them or not – if you want to play. You guessed it – the campaign would be even moreprofitable, and I'd love to...

  3. How the Mobile Shift Will Affect Paid Search and Social Advertising Efforts

    Twitter also offers ways to target app installs via its App Card (not currently a paid ad format). Nearly half of all mobile searcherssay they would be more likely to turn to another brand if a business lacks a phone number in its search results.

  4. Demographics and Interests: Coming to a Google Analytics Profile Near You

    I do almost all of my shopping online, while my mom would hesitate and feel utterly exposed if she were to enter her credit card in an online form. If you see “Demographics,” “Interests,” and “Geo” in the menu, you’re in business.