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Bug Fix

  1. 15 Ways Clients Can Build a Better Relationship With Their SEO Provider

    Sure, we can bug you for this info, but it's much easier if we can dig in and not have to wait for you to come back from your weeklong vacation so we can get the data we need. Good clients will explain what they have done so their provider can find...

  2. Does Google Really Listen To Its Users?

    Google has not really addressed the issues, despite Matt suggesting the artciles be looked on as bug reports. Danny's call to "fix the philosophy" is a concept many people have complained about and derided for years.

  3. Yahoo Updates Search Algorithm, Fixes Delete URL Bug

    Yahoo also took the opportunity to announce a fix to the Delete URL function on its Site Explorer tool. Recently, search marketers have been noticing changes to Yahoo rankings. And now, Yahoo has plans to roll out updates to its crawling, indexing...