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  1. Local Search Insights: What Are Consumers in Your Local Area Searching For?

    Google recently launched their GoMo website tester, which analyzes sites and brings back recommendations for improving the user experience for mobile browsers. Their research, which spans 2 billion searches annually by 11 million mobile unique...

  2. Mobile Purchase Path Insights for Successful Mobile Ad Campaigns [Study]

    Local relevance and timing are key in converting mobile browsers to buyers, though specific consumer needs and verticals influence the way mobile devices are used for purchases. A new study from xAd and Telmetrics with data provided by Nielsen...

  3. Adding Negatives: How to Filter Out Bad Paid Search Clicks & Prospects

    Let people know, so locals can opt in and browsers will filter out: For example, you might want to prevent your display campaigns from appearing on apps or mobile sites. Excluded placements: Specific sites/URLs you don’t want your ads to show on.

  4. Google Launches GetMo Mobile Optimization Initiative in UK

    The company said that the GetMo initiative aims to provide webmasters and developers with tools for optimizing sites to run on mobile browsers. Meanwhile, businesses have been unable to keep up with the demand and offer sites properly suited for...