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  1. Top 8 Google Analytics Reports for Managing Organic SEO Campaigns

    In this example, Chrome and Internet Explorer seem to be doing OK but Safari has a noticeably higher bounce rate, so you might want to look into the reasons why that might be. This report shows how different browsers are performing on your site.

  2. Website Launch Checklist: 25 Things to Test Before Your Site Goes Live

    Download Google Chrome Navigate to your page in Chrome Check to make sure the pages render well in common browsers. Web developers know the inner workings of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and how browsers handle those languages.

  3. Need a Timer? Use Google

    It does seem to work in all browsers, so it’s not exclusive to Google Chrome. Google has a new fun tool built within their search. But now you can type specific search query into Google's search box, and Google will create a timer for you right on...

  4. Google Analytics Language Report: What You Can Learn About Your Visitors

    If I was a French speaker using Chrome, then I would definitely make sure the language setting wasn't U.S. Unfortunately, Google Analytics doesn't break down the language reports in this way as it collects this data from the users' browser and...

  5. Google, Mozilla Accuse Microsoft of Restricting Browser Choice in Windows 8

    However, Mozilla claims that Internet Explorer (IE) will be the only browser able to run in the classic environment under Windows RT, at the expense of rival browsers like Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Google's Chrome browser division has issued a...

  6. Google, Microsoft Pitch HTTP Overhaul Options for Speedier Web

    Google has the lead with Google Chrome and Amazon Silk browsers, with Firefox set to join in two weeks. The Paris meeting on overhauling HTTP included presentations about four specific proposals for HTTP 2.0, including SPDY by Google (that's being...