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Browser Wars

  1. Don't Be Evil Tool: Focus on the User Builds a 'More Relevant Google'

    The passive aggressive melodrama that has been Social Media Wars over the last several months has become open war, with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace as it was at the time: Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg had gone on the Charlie Rose...

  2. Browser Wars: How Chrome Overtook Firefox for the First Time

    Almost as quickly as November came to a close, news broke from StatCounter indicating Google’s Chrome browser overtook Mozilla Firefox as the second most popular browser worldwide for the first time. Unlike other browsers in the segment, Chrome...

  3. Battle of the Browsers: Impacting Search Share

    Browser Wars Heat Up As someone who lives and breathes search every day, my eyes were immediately drawn to the new look of the search bar in the top right corner of the browser. For a long time, Internet Explorer was the dominant web browser, but...

  4. SearchDay | Killer PPC Ads: The Final Word

    Will it grab a decent amount of market share and reignite the browser wars? All That Glitters Is Not Chrome SEM CROSSFIRE With the launch of Google's Chrome browser Tuesday, the Google machine moves into another territory.

  5. SearchDay | All That Glitters Is Not Chrome

    Will it grab a decent amount of market share and reignite the browser wars? GA is now showing Chrome in the browser section of your data. Chrome is the Google-developed browser that was released into, what else, beta this week.

  6. SearchDay: The Search Wars Are Over

    Forget Competition, the Search Wars Are Over» SEARCHING FOR MEANING: Industry oversight, insight, and best practicesAdvertisers love competition because (arguably) costs will be driven down. Google Launches Google Earth API and Browser Plug...