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  1. 'Grand Theft Auto V' Videos Stealing the Most Buzz Among Gamers [Study]

    Battle of the Browsers: Google Chrome has attracted almost 70% of the total all-time shares. In addition to video games and smartphones, the new report also looked at some of the key battles in the tablet, video game console, and web browser...

  2. Google Catalogs Design Tips: How to Best Showcase Your Products

    In Chrome go to In the URL address field of your browser, select and copy the string of 25 characters following “map/? With the annotations showing, take a screenshot of your browser window and save the image.

  3. 7 Time-Saving Google Analytics Custom Reports

    For example, if Chrome and Firefox seem to be doing OK but if Internet Explorer has extremely high bounce rates, you might want to look into Internet Explorer more. After all, Internet Explorer has x percent of the browser share.research market...

  4. Google Chrome Briefly Steals Browser Lead From Internet Explorer

    StatCounter revealed that on Saturday, March 18, Chrome's browser market share surpassed that of IE, for the first time in its history, with a 32.71 percent compared to 32.5 percent. Google Chrome recently became the most popular browser in use on...

  5. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Working With White House on Do No Track Browsing

    Google, which has been getting heat over tracking Safari and Internet Explorer users, is expected to enable do-not-track in its Chrome Web browser by the end of this year, according to the Wall Street Journal.