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Browser Cookies

  1. Google Display Ads on Mobile Devices: How to Avoid the Erroneous Clicks of Children

    Our GDN targeting found the right people based on cookies, or browser history, or search query history and that is great. There are a few factors that may cause unqualified traffic, such as mobile devices, campaign targeting, ad copy – but...

  2. Google Pays $17 Million to Settle Apple Safari User Tracking Case

    The issue came to light in February 2012 after it was revealed that Google had altered its DoubleClick advertising platform coding to circumvent settings in Safari that stopped third-party cookies from being installed.

  3. 9 Ways to Prepare for a Future Without Cookie Tracking

    This is the same reason why many browsers automatically block third-party cookies, to ensure data collection services and the usage of visitor information are being entrusted to the right recipients. What cookies are employed and for what reason.

  4. Organic Search Noticeably Absent From Google Analytics 2013 Summit

    Tracking has evolved from dropping cookies for browser-side session tracking, Google is moving to server-side. Google says it wants to help businesses put together an accurate image of their customers through Google Analytics.

  5. Pros & Cons of the Top Mobile App Tracking Methods

    Cookies on a mobile device are the equivalent of their counterparts in desktop browsers, though they are more limited by default mobile device security settings. Cookies cannot be shared across apps or shared between a mobile app and the mobile web.

  6. 7 Stages of “Do Not Track” Grief: A Survival Guide for Analysts & Online Marketers

    If someone were to visit your site and analyze the source code and cookies you place in their browser, would they be shocked? Don't stoop to compromising visitor and customer privacy through shady tracking technologies, such as the now notorious...