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Broadband Service

  1. FCC Voting on Net Neutrality Dec. 21

    These rules would protect consumers' and innovators' right to know basic information about broadband service, right to send and receive lawful Internet traffic, and right to a level playing field, while providing broadband Internet access...

  2. Google, Verizon Outline 7-Point Proposal Towards An Open Web

    Finally, the two companies tout their support to the reform of the Federal Universal Service Fund, "so that it is focused on deploying broadband in areas where it is not now available. Under such a provision, "wireline broadband providers would not...

  3. FCC Chairman Pushes for Net Neutrality

    If consumers had a wide choice of broadband service providers, preserving an open Internet might not be such a critical issue. Consumers are entitled to competition among network providers, application and service providers, and content providers

  4. Google Behind Tool to Detect ISP Blocking

    Broadband Subscriptions Drop 51%; Cable Sells More than Phone Co's M-Lab is designed to help detect whether an internet service provider (ISP) is blocking an internet application. It's no secret that Google is an avid supporter of net neutrality...