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  1. Philosophy and Search: The Big Three Founders and the Philosophers

    Reading the book "Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar: Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes" last week made me look at what we know about the philosophies of the founders of the Big Three -- Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft (if my conclusions are...

  2. New Players in Travel Search

    Lists & Rankings: Google Guys Place Second on New Business 2.0 List of Fifty Who Matter in Business, ResourceShelf Larry Page and Sergey Brin invest in electric race car, Threadwatch The site has also developed a number of widgets (Google Desktop...

  3. Schmidt: Google Still A Tech Company Despite The Billboards

    Q: They're sure fascinated with you guys. I last put it to Google back in 2003, getting back from Sergey Brin: Figuring everyone's had enough Google exec interviews at the moment that cover the same old ground, I put the Los Angeles Times...

  4. Daily SearchCast, Nov. 8, 2005: Google's Jagger Update, Book Search Developments, Google Base As Database For Everyone, Programming TiVo Via Yahoo, The Google Guys' 767 & More!

    Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and more! Today's search podcast covers updates at Google and Yahoo, developments in book search at Google, Amazon and MSN, Google growth into new businesses, Google

  5. Google Zeitgeist 05: Featuring Press & Bloggers But No Blogging Or Coverage Allowed

    Speakers on the agenda range from the top three Google Guys, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmdit to IAC's Zeitgeist '05: The Google Partner Forum is happening on Oct.the first "customer innovation conference" Google says it has ever held.

  6. Daily SearchCast, Sept. 8, 2005: Will Anti-Slapp Stop Traffic Power Suit? Are Larry & Sergey Most Powerful? Is Google Getting Bigger? Are You An Algoholic? How Can You Tunnel The Earth Via Google Maps

    Google Guys Are Top Powerbrokers Today's search podcast covers whether an anti-Slapp motion could quash the Traffic Power suit against SEO Book, a ruling to come next week in the Microsoft-Google dispute over Kai-Fu Lee, yet more signs that Google...