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Brian Pinkerton

  1. Robert Scoble Wants What We Had -- Better Query Refinement. So Do I!

    This is what I quoted WebCrawler creator Brian Pinkerton saying when I wrote my How As WebCrawler founder Brian Pinkerton puts it, "Imagine walking up to a librarian and saying, 'travel. Many search writers have quoted Brian on this, because he's...

  2. Google's Usenet Timeline and Early Search Engine Announcements

    Brian Pinkerton Announces the Availability of Webcrawler (6/11/94) Slashdot has a thread about a "new" timeline from Google that highlights interesting and historic posts from their 20 year Usenet (aka Google Groups) archive.

  3. The Best of the International World Wide Web Conferences

    Creator Brian Pinkerton discusses how he built the engine, laying the foundation for all modern-day search engines. Finding What People Want: Experiences with the WebCrawler (1994)