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Brian Hand

  1. 6 Billion Hours of Video Watched on YouTube Each Month

    As Kyncl said, "This acquisition gives DreamWorks an opportunity to align itself with Brian Robbins' powerful, next-generation, online video powerhouse. By partnering with more than 55,000 YouTube channels that collectively represent more than 14...

  2. Jim Henson Muppets Google Doodle Lets You Become the Puppeteer

    He loved gadgets and technology,” wrote his son, Brian Henson, chairman of The Jim Henson Company, in a blog post on the Official Google Blog. Clicking on the hand icon beneath the Muppet gives you control of that Muppet's mouth, though it won’t...

  3. Include Your Employees in Your Social Media Strategy

    Back in March, a part time employee of the Eagles lost his job because he voiced his opinion on Facebook about the Eagles letting popular player Brian Dawkins go to the Denver Broncos. Just because you hand your employees a paycheck doesn't mean...

  4. ShopLocal Wins In Crawling Case Against Cairo

    Brian Hand said ? Apparently, wasn't happy with rival local shopping search service Cairo for hitting its listings. ShopLocal took Cairo to court, and Cairo has now agreed not to make further "robotic or other automated" visits to