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Break Media Number 62

  1. Obama vs. Romney: Who’s Winning the YouTube Vote?

    Whatever you call them, they are as likely to determine the outcome of tomorrow’s presidential election as any of the demographic groups that the mainstream media has already examined ad nauseum. When YouTube introduced the YouTube Elections Hub on...

  2. Social Retail: Finding, Engaging & Cultivating Today’s Connected Consumer

    The world of social media is littered with brand mentions and recommendations from friends, friends of friends, and perfect strangers. Now, more than ever, consumers are turning to social media and the digital space for product research before...

  3. Search Engine Marketing Finally Getting Respect

    Let's not single out Jupiter Media Metrix for its long lapse. Paid Search Engines Picking Up Slack For Depressed Online Ad Market Jupiter Media Metrix, July 30, 2001

  4. The Search Engine Update, Oct. 4, 1999, Number 62

    Looking at the Media Metrix home share numbers, you'll see that Yahoo hit its highest share ever and stands well above its nearest rivals, with the exception of MSN. The Media Metrix Search Engine Ratings page has been updated, and I expect to...