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Breadcrumb Navigation

  1. Google Analytics Content Reports: Understanding the Key Benefits

    If you have selected a page within the report already, clicking these links will take you to the Navigation Summary or In-Page report about this page; if not, it will use the default page but you can then change the URL from the drop down in the...

  2. SEO Audit Findings: 4 Hidden Technical Problems That Can Send Dangerous Signals to Search Engines

    Another example I came across was a faulty breadcrumb trail that never showed up visibly, but still resided in the code. I once audited a site with an entire navigation found in the code, but users couldn't access that content in any way.

  3. 4 Ways to Create a Better Website Experience for Users & Search Engines

    Visitors who land on an internal site page have no idea where they are on the site if the website doesn’t use of breadcrumb navigation, the URL structure has no folder structure, pages are located directly off the root or dynamic in naming...

  4. Users and Search Engines Want the Same Things

    Breadcrumb navigation is a great "placeholder" for users – they know where they are, and can back up again easily if they chose the wrong link or option on a page Put the most important pages as site-wide navigation and use secondary navigation and...