SEO News


  1. Gmail Messages to Appear in Google SERPs

    For example, if you search for 'rio', you might be interested in the Brazilian city, the recent animated movie or the casino in Vegas. Google has unveiled its latest search innovation – adding Gmail messages into search results.

  2. The Sun Never Sets on the Wide, Wide World of Online Video

    That means the average Brazilian video viewer watched 86.7 videos that month. Back in the 18th Century, George Macartney used the phrase “this vast empire on which the sun never sets” to describe the global reach of British imperial power.

  3. Mobile Search Marketing for BRIC -- Country by Country

    Brazilian app developers are already taking advantage of mobile advertising, and seeing great returns on their efforts. With only a quarter of Brazilian households hooked up to fixed broadband, mobile Internet seems poised to connect many more to...

  4. Targeting by Language or Country: What You Need to Know

    And that's not talking about other languages either; not only is Brazilian Portuguese different from European Portuguese, you've got to get two hosting boxes in each country, have independent TLD's and different SEO strategies around each...

  5. Chinese opportunities

    A comparable investment in a Brazilian beef producer is trading at 60 times the original price. Founding partner of China New Enterprise Management (CNEM) Johannes Schoeter believes this makes China a perfect investment opportunity.