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  1. Social Media Monetization in a 'Mobile First' World

    Social brands such as Instagram, SnapChat, and Vine are all recent examples of mobile-first success stories, which represent an evolution in social media by focusing on the single core utility of capturing and disseminating interesting content...

  2. Is BuzzFeed's Boom Making Brand Blogs Go Bust?

    Three years ago brands wanted to post things on their own microsites. Sponsored Stories Sensational headlines and weird compilations of related stories can drive page views but most companies succeed by attracting, engaging and converting readers...

  3. Facebook - A Love Story: Using Earned & Paid Media to Better Attract & Engage Customers

    What other sorts of brands do they follow? How often do they interact with brands? Sponsored Stories: a method to reach friends of current “fans” For most people, a good love story is watching the journey from initial attraction, to wooing, to the...

  4. Facebook Launches Premium, Mobile Ads; Offers; Real-Time Page Insights

    The pages allow brands to tell their stories going back to their founders – as long as it's not before the year 1800. The company says the upgraded version should help brands attend to posted content that is performing poorly as well.

  5. Facebook Advertisers Testing New Sponsored Stories Actions: Want, Own, Played & More

    Over the last year, brands have been able to run Sponsored Stories - or social context ads - based on what users "like" on Facebook or where they've checked in. Meanwhile, agencies and brands will be chomping at the bit to hear how played, want...

  6. Facebook Acquires Gowalla, Tests Negative Feedback Feature, Expands in NYC

    Even though it's still early in this last month of 2011, Everson's comments put a fitting bow on a year when Facebook aggressively began reaching out to brands and agencies - or "clients" - as a marketing consultant option for its own platform.