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  1. Multi-Touch Attribution Study Finds Organic Search Greatly Undervalued

    In their examination of enterprise-level client conversions, Slingshot SEO found that: Users took 2.79 actions before converting, they note, with a branded keyword search or direct visit often the last action.

  2. Conductor Adds Universal SEO in Searchlight, Offers Training & Grants for NYC Nonprofits

    The makers of enterprise-level SEO platform Searchlight recently started the Conductor Foundation to help local nonprofit organizations increase their organic search visibility. Knowing whether or not they have shopping listings and whether they’re...

  3. SEO Reporting: Going Beyond Rankings

    Enterprise-level SEO provides consistently outstanding ROI over the life of the project. In the past, many SEOs relied simply on providing visibility reports that detailed the rankings for particular keyword phrases within the top search engines...