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Brain Drain

  1. Google: Our Brain is Just Fine, Thank You

    But the so-called brain drain is not occurring. Recently, Google has been losing executives and staff to social sites and startups. This has led many to speculate that Google is losing the brainpower that built the mega company.

  2. The Power of Link Building and Public Relations

    Taking the brain drain example, it is important to maximize media exposure to gain those links. Topics could range from reducing crime to how to keep talented students in the area once they graduate, often referred to as brain drain.

  3. Daily SearchCast, July 28, 2005

    Off to Google, Yahoo and MSN" theme, a BusinessWeek look at the brain drain happening as Google and Yahoo suck up tech talent.engineers hired by Google in the second quarter of this year! Today's edition of The Daily SearchCast is now available...