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  1. Bing Boards: New Search Experiment Highlights 'Inspiring Content'

    Quite simply, it's an experiment with putting Pinterest-like boutique content front-and-center in search results, or at least complementing them from a sidebar next to search results. Continuing to experiment with ways to change and improve the...

  2. Bob Moog Rocks Google Homepage With Synthesizer Logo You Can Play

    Animoog creators explain the transition to mobile synth on the Moog Music website, saying their library of timbres is “derived from analog waveforms captured from classic Moog oscillators, both vintage and modern, and run through a boutique’s...

  3. Google Rolls Out Special Analytics For In Time For Fashion Week

    Google announced its 'boutique analytics' for its fashion site - - with Designer Analytics for its design partners and Trend Analytics "that gives curious fashionistas a view into the latest, site-wide fashion trends.

  4. How Did Goodzer New York Shopping Engine Fare On Holiday Sales Weekend?

    Equally dissappointing, the PF Flyer shoes were listed as being in-stock at a boutique shop in Manhattan but upon arrival they discovered that the shoes were not in their color or size. The first boutique store was listed as open according to...

  5. Who Will Cry for the Newbies?

    If I can only get Joe's Downtown Plumbing and that way-cool little boutique soap shop buying search ads, the big money will start to roll in. Well, a few options, anyway. The United States, China, and a few other countries around the world still...

  6. Is Search Recession-Proof?

    Prior to co-founding Reprise Media, Joshua was VP of business development and syndication at Ask Jeeves (now, and co-founder and president of Rotomedia, a boutique consulting and advertising firm.

  7. Google CEO to MicroHoo: We'll Bank on Frank

    Qatalyst Group is a technology-focused merchant banking boutique based in San Francisco. Google CEO Eric Schmidt has named legendary Bubble 1.0 i-banker Frank Quattrone as an adviser to help reverse engineer the Yahoo-AOL and MSN- MySpace...