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  1. What J.K. Rowling Can Teach PPC Marketers About Reaching Ideal Prospects

    He’s thinking of training for a 10K trail run in Boulder in a couple of months. I’ll probably just research online and then head out to the Boulder Running Company to try on a few. In case you’re not a Harry Potter nerd, is the “all...

  2. Media Attribution: How to Start Optimizing Your Media Allocations

    You’ve moved the boulder! You need to know how to get this boulder moving… And fast. Maybe your agency has even provided a POV on the matter. You’re sold. You’re ready to begin seeing the “true value of media performance” and get the most out of...

  3. Yahoo! Announces Yodel Studio Finalists; Google LatLong Announces Trike Finalists

    Boulder Creek Bike Path, CO and Google launched a couple of contests (separately), and this week both are announcing the finalists. First up, Yahoo! is looking for a new Yodel, and they received 21,000 entries.

  4. Geeking Out on Statistics

    NationMaster also recently rolled out, a sister site that offers similar data mining on US state statistics, using sources such as the US Census Bureau, FBI, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a variety of non-profit...

  5. Do You Kebberfegg?

    Mary Ellen Bates is the principal of Bates Information Services, a research and consulting business based in Boulder, Colorado. RSS feeds offer a great way to pull in interesting, relevant information—but finding good feeds can be a challenge.

  6. Chasing Search Engine Algorithms: Wisdom or Folly?

    Patricia Hursh is founder of SmartSearch Marketing a search engine marketing agency specializing in lead generation and customer acquisition solutions, located in Boulder, Colorado. But when search engines change, should you follow suit?

  7. Real-Time Transportation Finders

    The San Francisco Muni, Boulder, CO RTD, New York Water Taxi, and the Portland, OR Streetcar are a few of them. Looking for the next bus, train, taxi or other mode of transportation? These tools can help you find public transportation in your own...