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  1. 5 Steps to Building a Results-Driven Multi-Channel Plan for 2014

    Far too often, marketers depend on search position, fans, likes, shares and +1s to validate allocation of resources to execute the marketing plan. Comparison of the Social Channel to organic search, paid, referral, direct traffic and social media...

  2. How to Hire (and Keep) Digital Marketing Talent in 2014

    Inside Out and Top to Bottom – Always Educate It's great, and you definitely need, something to hang your hat on, but we're at a position where I can't hire someone who's only going to do PPC or only going to do social," Everhart said.

  3. Converged Media in Marketing Starts With Breaking Down Silos

    On one hand, the manufacturer's website said, tell us what you want to buy, Forrester - but the offline sales experience reversed that position. Bottom Line Why do marketers still consider, digital and traditional marketing as separate, isolated...

  4. Integrating Owned, Earned & Paid Media For Better SEO

    Bottom line: The more places the search engines see your brand legitimately engaged, the more authority you earn, which contributes to visibility and search engine rank. It all must be tightly integrated and planned strategically to gain full...