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  1. Will ‘Useless’ Clicks Really Cost Mobile Advertisers $6 Billion+ by 2016?

    Their definition of useless combines those suffering from fat finger syndrome (22 percent) as well as fraudulent clicks from botnets or hidden double banners (18 percent). As mobile advertising continues to find its place in the hearts and minds of...

  2. Click Fraud Increased Slightly in Q4 2008

    Traffic from botnets was responsible for 31.4 percent of all click fraud traffic in Q4 2008. Both the overall click fraud rate and the rate of click fraud originating from botnets were the highest ever in Q4 2008.

  3. Click Fraud Declines Slightly in Q2 2008

    Traffic from botnets was responsible for 27.6% of all click fraud traffic in Q3 2008, up from 25.2% for Q2 2008. However, the growth in click fraud traffic from botnets continues to rise and it should be one of the top areas advertisers and the...

  4. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Botnets strangle Google Adwords campaigns. Since Google recently made it past the 10 word query mark with a new limit of 32, I think Yahoo still has them beat with this. Not only can you seemingly paste as much text as you like into the query box...