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Boolean Operators

  1. Search Engine Glossary

    Boolean search: A search allowing the inclusion or exclusion of documents containing certain words through the use of operators such as AND, NOT and OR. Concept search: A search for documents related conceptually to a word, rather than specifically...

  2. Curling Up with a Good Book Search Engine

    Topics for discussion include open source code options, robot spidering and web crawling, index compression, file format conversion, metadata indexing and searching, Boolean and Intranet search operators, index speed and size, stopwords, relevance...

  3. Seven Stupid Searching Mistakes, Part 1

    The problem is that Boolean operators, because of their apparent simplicity, appear to be easy to use. If you really want to use Boolean operators, learn how to use them. Additionally, some engines require that Boolean operators be capitalized...

  4. Search Engines with Autopilot

    This form allows you to apply limited Boolean operators, specify the overall number of results and number per source, and uniquely, perform a link check on the results to assure none of the links are broken.