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  1. Doodle 4 Google 2012 Winner Travels to Pirate Times

    All 50 finalists from across the U.S.were in New York last week, where they participated in an exhibition of their artwork at the New York Public Library (until July 19). Of course, this makes Dylan pretty much the coolest kid on the planet in our...

  2. Hypertext Visionary Jorge Luis Borges Celebrated with Google Logo

    Visiting a website may start you on one path, but you can easily click on one link to another website, which leads you to a link to another website, and an ever-increasing piece of the gigantic hyperlinked puzzle that is the Web library.

  3. Google Books Makes a Deal with France's Top Publisher

    The agreement will allow Google to digitize and scan books from Hachette's library of copyrighted but out-of-print texts, The New York Times reported. Hachette will be making the digitized books available to the national library (Bibliothèque...

  4. Google–British Library Partnership to Digitize 250,000 Books

    The Google Books project has scanned over 12 million books, largely thanks to the 40-plus libraries in its Library Projects Partner program. The most recent partner, the British Library, will allow for the digitization of 250,000 unique works.

  5. Google Adds Republican Lobbyist

    Among Google's lobbying targets in the fourth quarter: Congress; President's office; Federal Trade Commission; Commerce Department; National Telecommunications National Institute of Standards Federal Communications Commission; Library of...

  6. UK Introducing Movie-like Website Rating System

    It is definitely something everyone should keep aware of, if it starts you should be recognize the people acting as censors - they will be the same guys pulling the books from our library shelves. The UK government is looking in to giving websites...

  7. SearchDay | Small Business Site Architecture

    The publications will come from the library collections participating in . Google Reaches Agreement with Authors, Publishers for Book Search Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 28, 2008 Google has reached an agreement with the Authors Guild and the...

  8. SearchDay: SEO Issues with Global Expansion

    Gary Price of ResourceShelf Wins SLA President's Citation Posted by Kevin Heisler Jun 17, 2008 The former news editor of Search Engine Watch just won one of the nation's most prestigious awards granted to library professionals at the annual...

  9. SEW Experts: Read Any Good SEO Books Lately?

    Try These," Ron Jones offers some suggestions to add to your search marketing library. Still, there are several books out there that can help further your understanding of search marketing in general, or do a deep dive on a specific sub-topic.

  10. Q&A With's Gary Price

    And the people in the library community are more on the advanced searcher side. Undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas, Masters of Library and Information Science from Wayne State University, in beautiful Detroit, Michigan.