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  1. Delicious May Live On Outside Yahoo

    The Delicious blog told its members that they were looking for a way to cointinue outside of Yahoo and for them not to panic about moving their bookmarks just yet. While we have determined that there is not a strategic fit at Yahoo ,,,, We're...

  2. How to Find the Best Internal Site Pages Based on PageRank and Backlinks

    for the number of Delicious bookmarks for a page (great way to indicate overall popularity). Or use the Yahoo L: ? Having it pull this data every time usually slows your browser down when performing multiple searches, as well as heightens the...

  3. Social Media Madness - The Final Four

    Tags allow you to organize and remember your bookmarks, which is a much more flexible system than folders. It's used to store bookmarks online, which allows you to access the same bookmarks from any computer and add bookmarks from anywhere, too.