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  1. Using Analytical Analysis to Help Improve Conversions

    The latest digital marketing book, SEO platform, or digital marketing tool? If you are selling Osteoporosis supplements and internal linking on a major landing page for this segment to related articles and resources for sports related injuries, you...

  2. CME rule hurts FX broker business, say participants

    The contracts have typically been transacted by commodity trading advisers who prefer to book futures positions by initiating the execution in over-the-counter markets where there is better liquidity before submitting them through CME Clearing.

  3. Taiwan compels life insurers to offer longer-dated products

    According to Taipei-based Chris Chien, senior supervisor in the investment management department of TransGlobe Life Insurance, the regulator's call for insurers to lengthen the duration of the asset portfolio has been heeded by his firm, which...

  4. Social Customer Service Secrets to Avoid Negative Search Results

    All businesses are selling something and as David Meerman Scott reminds us in his latest book The New Rules of Sales and Service: It’s the buying habits that are changing. Yet few companies actually use this secret weapon of business growth," Scott...

  5. Rachel Louise Carson Google Doodle Honors Marine Biologist, 'Silent Spring' Author

    Her book, "Silent Spring", noted the absence of birds in areas with significant agricultural farming. Her book, "Silent Spring", brought the issue to the forefront in the U.S.despite heavy opposition from chemical companies who didn't want to see...

  6. Amazon's 4 Pillars of Success: A Preview of Jeffrey Eisenberg's Pubcon SFIMA Keynote

    Jeffrey Eisenberg: sold its first book in July of 1995. They ended 2013, selling $74.45 billion worth of stuff, all kinds of stuff. Your company can as well, says best-selling author and online conversion optimization expert Jeffrey...

  7. Content Marketing Put a Man on the Moon, What Can it Do For You?

    He has just released his latest book: "Marketing the Moon: The Selling of the Apollo Lunar Program". Reporting versus selling. NASA was not "spinning" or "selling" the space program, but reporting it in a remarkably open way, in as close to real...

  8. Stimulate Your Search Marketing Creativity With the Random Input Technique

    For example, I can reach into my bookshelf, open a random book to a random page and jab my finger at a random sentence. Here's an actual random sentence, taken from random book of children's stories: "And the boy said, ‘He is ugly, and no mistake.