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Boldly Going

  1. Google Boldly Rejects UK Privacy Laws in Safari Snooping Case

    Google has told the UK High Court that it isn't subject to UK privacy laws because it is a Google is in court because it danced around security settings on the Apple iPhone and collected some users' personal information through Safari.

  2. Bing Beams Up Star Trek Fans With Home Page Easter Egg, Klingon Translator

    Bing's search engine will let us go boldly where no man has gone before. In conjunction with the arrival of "Star Trek Into Darkness", Bing has added a couple of features that fans should appreciate: a home page Easter egg when you search for [beam...

  3. Star Trek Google Doodle Boldly Goes Where No Doodle Has Gone Before

    Star Trek: The Original Series" was characters who explored the universe, discovering new life and boldly going, "where no man has gone before," according to the show's original opening. Like the series, the Google Doodle pays homage to Gene...

  4. Infographic Search & Data Visualization Tools Launch Publicly

    I'm now going to step boldly over that line: This service was clearly made with users like me in mind, and I'm very excited for the potential shift it indicates in visual searching. In the world of a highly visual web, data has remained largely...

  5. 6 #Winning Strategies @CharlieSheen Used To Get 2.2 Million #Tigerblood Followers

    While the average Twitterer cannot just "be a celebrity" no matter how much #tigerblood they have - the lesson for the rest of us may simply be to play to your strengths and boldly be yourself. Charlie Sheen increased his Twitter followers to 2,211...

  6. What Search Quality Means to Search Engine Google

    In the boldly headlined blog entry, "Search quality, continued," Googler Ben Gomes explaines in greater depth what search quality means to Google. It's too bad Google didn't publish the post before the Un-Search Engine, Un-Cuil, launched.