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  1. Buy side attacks Isda early termination protocol

    The MFA and five other trade associations representing US asset managers, insurers and commodity traders outlined their complaints to the Financial Stability Board (FSB) in a letter dated November 4. One claims that, in the working group's earliest...

  2. Insurers must prove bank-style run risk worries wrong

    Similar concerns have been raised also about the perspective being taken by the Financial Stability Board and International Association of Insurance Supervisors in their work to develop global insurance capital standards.

  3. Nationwide: ABS markets need more than warm words

    The group, which is still waiting for board approval before it can be formed, is likely to include the heads of credit and balance sheet management, the chief risk officer, the finance director and representatives from group risk oversight.

  4. US bilateral margin rules: a hit parade of horrors

    For several such issues, the industry is agnostic on what approach is used, but there should be consistency across different jurisdictions," says Athanassios Diplas, senior adviser to the board at the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.

  5. Industry confronts hard choices in CCP recovery debate

    On the same day, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) issued a more wide-ranging report on resolution planning. We think it would be fairer to take variation margin and initial margin and haircut the total across the board, and have a uniform...

  6. FSB warns of spillovers from new bank structures

    The Financial Stability Board (FSB) is warning of potential international spillover effects resulting from efforts at structural reform in banking. Similarly, losses can be shared where subsidiaries have issued bail-inable debt to other group members.

  7. Deadline looms for Isda group on resolution protocol

    It's on Mark Carney's must-have list for the G-20 meeting," says the dealer participant – Carney has been co-ordinating the project in his capacity as chairman of the Financial Stability Board (FSB). The Bank of England, the Federal Deposit...

  8. Authority vs. Popularity: Matt Cutts Teases New Google Search Result Shake-Up

    On the other hand, if you take something like the Wisconsin real estate board, probably not a ton of people go there, but quite a few people do link to government websites. Whenever you can make your site or your persona be an authority in your...

  9. How to Dominate the Entire First Page of Google

    While long term strategies are great, board members and C-suite executives aren't known for their patience, especially when it comes to the online perception of their brand. Your online reputation can impact virtually every aspect of your digital...

  10. Is Google Sucking the Life Out of Your Identity? Are They Alone?

    Only a handful of people really know if it's close to correct, and since they are either on the board at Google or in Washington, D.C. Soldiers and family members can video-chat, companies can collaborate and experts can render much needed...

  11. Evolving Your SEO: Moving Toward a Content Marketing Approach

    If it really worked – gained citations, referrals, and generated page views – try to learn from what worked and apply it across the board. Give recognition to team members that create winning content and reward collaboration around keywords and SEO.

  12. Putting Search in Focus: Trends to Watch in 2013

    As CEO and Chairman of the Board, Zwicky joined the BlueGlass team in early 2012. You can find Richard Zwicky, Chris Winfield, Greg Bozer and members of the BlueGlass team speaking at SES 2013 events or if you want to see what happens behind the...