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Blue Links Pins

  1. Google Recipes! Google Careers! Google Confusion! The UI Madness Continues

    Graphical Ads In Google Local: Hey, it's ads with logos at Google Local this month, following on the earlier experiment with blue pins. Google seems to have started putting links to Google Groups information at the bottom of the page.

  2. Daily SearchCast, Jan. 19, 2006: Google Fights US Government Request For Data; Google Earth Gets Ads; People Search For A9, Google And Yahoo Earn High Satisfaction Marks & More!

    Still Seeing "Blue Pins" on Some Google Maps; Google Now Testing Paid Links in Today's search podcast covers the US Department Of Justice fighting Google for search data that AOL, MSN and Yahoo released; seeing dates on cached pages; Google ads...

  3. Daily SearchCast, Jan. 13, 2006: Barry Diller Keynoting SES NY; MSN Ramps Up Ads; Google Local's Blue Balloon Ads Pins; Promo Or Ad On Google Homepage?; Business Partnering With Yahoo; Browser Fight

    Below are links with more information about the stories that were discussed. Google Testing New Refinement/Clustering Links -- Sign Of Google Base In Web Strategies NY 2006 next month; MSN making moves with local search ads and regular search ads...