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Blogger Defamation

  1. Miami Heat Minority Owner Sues Google Over Unflattering Photo

    In fact, it’s the second time he’s filed suit against the blogger; he lost his defamation case last year. Katz sued this blogger for defamation last year and lost. Even pointing people toward that blog could constitute further defamation.

  2. Searching for Gotti in the Brave New JackassWorld

    Like Michael Corleone and the Italian American Anti Defamation League we deny the existence of any organization by the name of Mafia or La Cosa Nostra. If only the barstool blogger had googled the Gotti-wannabes before labeling them "New Jersey...

  3. Google In Controversy Over Top-Ranking For Anti-Jewish Site

    This came out as part of an apology by Google to the Anti-Defamation League. Blogger Arthur Guray, who has been writing about the issue, tells me that the Jew Watch web site was down from April 16 through April 22.