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  1. How to Create a Social Media Friendly Landing Page

    But we don't live in an ideal world. In an ideal world where time, talent, and money aren't issues, you should create a landing page for each specific audience you target. They come to visit your site often, but they browse a while, read a blog...

  2. 14 Top-Notch Resources to Help You Become a CRO Expert

    Nobody knows right away how to optimize websites as soon as they walk into the digital marketing world; we've all had to learn some aspects. ConversionXL Blog Unbounce Blog But his blog was different from almost every other "mainstream" digital...

  3. Top 10 Skills That Separate Real UX Designers from Wannabes

    I have met or worked with some of the most experienced UX experts in the world and they all share the characteristics and abilities I've mentioned above. Have you read their blog posts or LinkedIn discussion entries?

  4. How to Implement an Engaging Content Marketing Plan for the Finance Industry

    Yes, we live in a consumer-driven world now, and not only do you need to understand exactly what content your target audience wants, you need to be obsessed with them to succeed. Blog: Pick a niche to focus on in your blog, and post thought...

  5. Yahoo Retires Less Popular Products to Make Room for New Innovation

    In a blog post confirming the move, Jay Rossiter, senior vice president, Cloud Platform Group at Yahoo writes, "Over the past two years, our teams have been incredibly focused on our mission: making the world’s daily habits more inspiring and...

  6. Doodle 4 Google 2014 Winner Invents Water Purifier to Make the World a Better Place

    By Charles Seagle, Mokulele Elementary School, Hawaii: "If I could invent one thing to make the world a better place it would be a Time Machine. This year's theme was "If I could invent one thing to make the world a better place.

  7. More Panda 4.0 Findings: Syndication, User Engagement, Indexation & Keyword Hoarding

    Wow, now that we know it wasn’t a 10-day rollout causing secondary volatility, what in the world was it? In a perfect world, they would use rel=canonical to point back to your content. I posted my initial Panda 4.0 findings on my blog, based on...