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  1. How to Remove a Penalty for Unnatural Outbound Links

    If you have a comment spam problem, then look at implementing a different commenting platform with better spam detection. If you have a blog and allow comments, check to see if you have allowed commenters to leave followed links with keyword rich...

  2. Blog SEO Quiz – Test Your Blog Optimization Knowledge

    Google spam cop Matt Cutts wrote about it in his blog, The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO. Information architects are often needed to create a large blog's user-friendly navigation system. Blog optimization is no exception.

  3. Matt Cutts Talks Google, Spam & Small Business: Do 'Good Guys' Finish Last in SEO?

    So many sites get penalties because of things an SEO company did to the site to see fast results, such as blog spam or spammy backlinks. We're a small company that hired an SEO firm that we thought was legit, but destroyed our rankings w/ spam...