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  1. Print Journalists Optimistic...Or Not

    And, as I mentioned last December in my article, "Blogs Are the New Trade Press," if you look at the top referrers in your web analytics software, don't be surprised to see that a disproportionate percentage of your web traffic comes from blogs.

  2. Daily SearchCast, August 17, 2006: Hot Search Blogs; GoogleTalk Gets New Features; Filing Time For Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement; Beaming Up Google Engineers & More!

    His post tells us that Neven Vision's software will make it easier for people to find and organize their photos. Official Google Blog titled A better way to organize photos? There are more details on the "how to" at

  3. Daily SearchCast, June 27, 2006: School Upset Over Student Data In Google; Is GBuy GooglePal?; Microsoft adCenter Gets Promoted; New Travel Search Engines; The Matt Cutts Doll & More!

    They are pooling together $1 million to build a database of pornographic images of children and software to match the image database with similar matches on their own networks. The exact details of the software and how it will be used have.

  4. Daily SearchCast, June 16, 2006: Bill Gates Stepping Back At Microsoft; Eric Schmidt Speaks On Google Issues; Google Gets Dayparting & More!

    Today's search podcast covers Microsoft chairman Bill Gates giving up his chief software architect role and going part time in two years; Google CEO Eric Tons and tons of news coverage on Bill Gates's announcement he has given up his "chief...

  5. Daily SearchCast, June 14, 2006: MySpace To Auction Search Traffic; Google Picasa Gets Photo Sharing; NY State Says Shame On Google Video; Is That Google Earth In My Coffee Table? & More!

    Google's social networking software, and many Googlers have profiles and accounts with Orkut. Panda Software and RSA Security worked together to dismantle the virus. Read the full details over at Panda Software.