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  1. Link Building for Real Estate Websites

    In her Twitter feed, she's responsive to people who tweet to her and isn't just there to tweet out links to her own houses for sale. These answers can be incredibly beneficial in helping you know what to promote, and they can make for great content...

  2. 26 Free (or Free-to-Try) Content Curation Tools

    This ultra simple web-based RSS reader (also available for mobile) pulls your favorite news and blog updates via RSS feed. Optimize each clip's meta-information and publish to the bundle's public webpage, which you can share on social networks or...

  3. Link Building for Restaurants: The Ultimate Guide

    If you do breakfast, take a few quiches and coffee over to the local animal shelter one morning and feed the volunteers. Donate beverages and fruit to help feed runners at a charity race. There are even apps like Feedie that work with participating...

  4. 5 New SEO Mantras to Replace Old, Inefficient Thinking

    Every post is a fantastically in-depth learning opportunity and the RSS feed of a new blog post is always a happy occasion. If you're dividing articles into part one and part two just so you have something to post on your blog to hit the one-post-a...

  5. Conquering Content Marketing, Step 4: Racing to Launch

    Once they know your name, continue to feed them great info, but now publish additional content to your website and point them there as an extra resource for them. When one blog breaks a story or enough people share it, others pick it up and...

  6. 26 Free Must-Have Tools for PPC Success

    Use FTP to send your merchant feed to Google automatically. I've even used Uber Suggest for blog topic idea generation. Carpenters have hammers and saws. Doctors have expensive medical devices like MRI machines and tests.

  7. Index Your Content Faster With the Fetch as Google Tool

    This can happen when websites pull your content in from your RSS feed and then get crawled by Googlebot sooner than your site. Enter your webpage or blog URL into the input field, leaving off the domain name, and click the FETCH button.

  8. Top 10 SEO New Year's Resolutions for a Successful 2014

    Set up an RSS feed of your favorite resources and spend the first 15 minutes of the day reviewing, interacting, asking questions, and learning a little more about the constantly evolving landscape of search, social, display and paid search.

  9. Pinterest Adds Related Pins for Better Discovery

    To make things a little easier, we're going to start delivering a selection of recommendations called 'related pins' right to your home feed. Pinterest will then remove this pin from the feed and will avoid showing similar content in the future.

  10. 3 Google Shopping Campaign Challenges & Solutions

    The announcement came via the official Google AdWords blog, and notes a number of key features, including access to new data, insights, and increased integration with the merchant feed. Currently, reporting within AdWords is limited to basic KPI...

  11. Keywords, and #Hashtags, and Hummingbird! Oh My!

    The Google+ feed isn't showing up for every hashtag searched, it seems to depend on if the tag is trending at the time of the search. Along with standard search results for their query, the user will also get a live scrolling feed of public Google...