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  3. 7 Outstanding Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    Create infographics with the research that's already being done for content, or outsource creation to include on a blog. Start a Video Blog Starting a video blog isn't expensive or time-consuming. Gather content with an underlying theme, like...

  4. Links Should Only Be a Surprise? Nonsense!

    Cutts: Duane Forrester had an article on Bing’s Webmaster Blog that said you should never know a link is coming – that’s the wrong path. Certainly he doesn't work alone at the offices of Google; he has what is known as the webspam team.

  5. 7 Ways Content Marketing is Like a Relay Race

    It shouldn’t matter too much if the delivery mechanism is a blog post, infographic, report, or video; what matters is the story being told. As I've written previously, I think you can find a lesson in just about any scenario, and the Ragnar was no...

  6. RIP Bing Ads Express

    Bing Ads Express is going away July 30, according to an announcement on the Bing Ads blog. If you remember, Bing Ads Express was meant to be a managed service, of sorts, for local businesses. The Bing product, which launched last October, leveraged...

  7. How to Use the Google Analytics Event Tracking Report

    For advice setting up Event Tracking, and some ideas of how to use it check out this Event Tracking blog post. The majority of reports in Google Analytics are made up of data that is automatically collected with the basic Google Analytics code on...

  8. Addressing Thin Content

    Are you seeing that half of your blog content features posts that are 250 words? In 2014, one would think that we would have made a full transition from "old SEO" to "new SEO". The old school of thought is about building an experience for search...

  9. Content Marketing: 3 Overlooked Content Sources

    Content comes in many forms: white papers, articles, blog posts, infographics, webinars, videos, contents, polls, interviews, images, etc. Blog Post: Write a blog post that summarizes the main talking points of the speaking engagement and even the...

  10. Do-It-Yourself Promoted Pins Premiere on Pinterest

    We'll be in touch when we're ready for you to get started," Pinterest said in a blog post. Pinterest has announced the ability for business accounts to better track their pin performance and promote the best pins to a targeted audience on a per...