SEO News


  1. Bing Ads Enhances "Change History" Page

    In a blog post, Bing says one of the updates is aimed at enhancing usability. Bing has announced enhancements to the Change History page in Bing Ads. The Change History page gives advertisers a way to see how changes impact a campaign's performance.

  2. How to Speed Up the Link-Building Process

    In a previous article, "Index Your Content Faster With the Fetch as Google Tool," I explained how to submit new Web pages and blog posts published on a website you own to the Google index in a matter of minutes instead of waiting days, weeks, or...

  3. Google’s AdSense for Shopping Takes PLAs to Retail Sites

    Product Listing Ads are displayed alongside contextually relevant results, determined by users' searches, product categories, or product names, Google adds in a blog post. Aside from, which is mentioned in the blog post, a Google rep...

  4. Bad Link-Building You Should Be Doing

    Link-Building With Guest Blog Posting Where guest blogging went wrong is when people set up blog networks and selling massive numbers of low-quality posts (with a link of course), resulting in announcements like:

  5. Bing Ads Launches Close Variants for Broad Match Modifiers

    A blog post announcing the change includes the following image with examples: Bing Ads says it is launching close variants for broad match modifiers in the to help advertisers maximize the impressions relevant to their modifiers.

  6. Callouts for AdWords Offer More Space for Advertisers

    In a blog post announcing the new feature, Google says it intends for callouts to be paired with other AdWords extensions. Google has rolled out the callouts extension for AdWords, giving marketers more space in which to advertise their products.

  7. Bing and Google Are Ready for Some Football

    According to a Bing blog post, users can simply ask Cortana, "Who will win: Team A or Team B? In fact, in a blog post, Sun says he expects to get a majority correct. And while searching "NFL predictions" in Google does not yield comparable...

  8. Google Folds Blog Search Into News

    Google Blog Search has ceased to exist as an independent entity and has instead become a search option in Google News, reports say. Indeed, Google's Blog Search homepage now redirects to the Google homepage.

  9. Google Extends Nearby In-Store Product Listing Ads to Desktops

    According to the blog post that initially announced the local features, local availability for Product Listing Ads and the local storefront are based on a local product feed managed through the Google Merchant Center, which "allows retailers to...

  10. HTTPS Doesn’t Boost Rankings [Study]

    In its SEO Blog, Searchmetrics says it looked at the average rankings of both HTTP and HTTPS sites and "calculated the cumulative SEO visibilities and compared the two curves with each other over time.

  11. Last-Minute SEO - Here Come the Holidays!

    They could also be press releases, syndication, blog outreach, affiliates, or even AdSense. Buyer Beware: Outreach is not buying press releases and guest blog posts on blog networks. As long as Google doesn’t release an update or manually devalue...

  12. Building Future Safe Links – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

    Google recently updated its Webmaster Guidelines, specifically its "Little or no original content" page, to add "low-quality guest blog posts” as an example of unoriginal content. Given Matt Cutts' statement against guest blogging for SEO (links...

  13. Bing Waxes Lyrical on Spam Detection and Filtering

    In the latest post on the Bing blog, Bing dives into the inner workings of Web spam, what it looks like, and what Bing is doing about it. The next post on the Bing blog in the series on Web spam, says Rondel, will look at "one specific update we...

  14. Yahoo, Bing Flirt With New Search Interfaces

    All Google Testing, a blog that says it contains "Google experiments, tricks for activate them, and more," likens the Yahoo update to Google's interface for tablets. The blog has also posted screenshots of three versions the new interface, which...