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Black Hat White Hats

  1. SEO Wars: Forget Black Hat, White Hat - What Color Is Your Lightsaber?

    Black hats improve search rankings via deceptive content (hidden text, cloaking, link farms, etc.that search engines would value [until they know better]. White hats improve search rankings via accessible, quality content that web visitors would...

  2. 15 Search & Social Takeaways from SES Toronto 2011 #sesto

    Yes, this is an important takeaway, as I hadn't yet had the opportunity to hear black hats plied with free drink tickets spill their darkest, dirtiest secrets – none of which I can share, for fear I'll be kicked out of Fight Club.erm, SES.

  3. SEOmoz 2010 Survey Results Candidly Reveal Industry Dilemma

    Black hats are earning the most and arguably making it harder for white hats to compete. But Seriously Now, What Should We Do With the Black Hats? This indicates that certain markets are particularly cut-throat, but more worryingly suggests that...

  4. Beyond the Click: What Shoppers Need Now - SES San Francisco

    Go grab your hats and a beer or two. We're approaching the end of Day 2 here at SES San Francisco, and it's almost time to don your hat for tonight's Black Hat, White Hat event. Bryan Eisenberg is back to moderate speakers: Nitin Mangtani (Google...

  5. Google SERP Bias? Google Knols Best

    We hear about black hats, gray hats, and white hats -- that's all B.S. Buying links works, and Google is failing miserably in their battle on this front, as well as against other black hat methods that come up every day.

  6. Go to Search Marketing Salon SF Launch Party

    Black hats, white hats, and grey hats all welcome. Wear your favorite hat.because if there's one thing SES has proved over the years: the industry boasts Awesomely Bad SEO Celeb Fashion. If you're anywhere near the Bay Area, Silicon Valley or...