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  1. 3 Hot Bing Ads Features for 2013 from a Certified Search Nerd

    Bing currently works with,, and to display merchant ratings for businesses with 10 or more reviews and an average rating of 4.0+ on 5.0 scale. From my corner of the search marketing industry, there’s...

  2. 8 Elements to Test in User Reviews

    According to a study by, 59 percent of users considered customer reviews to be more valuable than expert reviews. Reviews are an incredibly powerful tool to use to your advantage, but collecting them simply isn’t enough.

  3. Search, Social Media & the Offline Purchase

    Bizrate: 7.3 million Marketers continue to become, as a whole, an increasingly numerate lot. What's numeracy? It's the opposite of innumeracy. It's inevitable that we'll wake up in a cold sweat every so often, facing up to the reality that some...

  4. Lassoing Your Loss Leaders

    Having seals or badges from shopping engines, such as and, can increase confidence based on a third-party review. Loss leaders are words or phrases that typically have such a high cost that they have a negative conversion...