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Birthday Inventor

  1. Bob Moog Rocks Google Homepage With Synthesizer Logo You Can Play

    Google’s homepage logo today celebrates Robert “Bob” Moog, electronica pioneer and inventor of the Moog synthesizer, who was born on this date in 1934. Moog Music Celebrates Birthday With Animoog iPhone/iPad Synthesizer Sales

  2. Great Ice Cream Sundae War Celebrated By Google Doodle

    Bunsen Burner Doodle Honors Inventor's 200th Birthday Will Eisner Birthday Google Doodle Celebrates the Father of the Graphic Novel Houdini Does Not Escape Google Doodle On 137th Birthday The urban tale goes that in more austere times the clergy...

  3. Bunsen Burner Doodle Honors Inventor's 200th Birthday

    In recognition of Robert Bunsen's 200th birthday, Google has honored the inventor with a Doodle - March 31st - and is showing on the Google homepage for countries where it is already that day. Guillermo González Camarena Inventor Of Color TV Gets...

  4. The Worldwide Web Just Went Global

    Tim Berners-Lee, original inventor of the Web, was truly ambitious in naming his hypertext project the World Wide Web in 1990. Make note of November 16, the birthday of the "global Web. What is the tipping point for when a project actually goes...